Access Credit Card Paper Adverts: pre-1978


This page contains many adverts that have been collected from various sources. Some have been purchased as paper ephemera items, whilst many have been copied from digital scans of magazines. In particular, the scans listed below as TV Times adverts have been obtained cheekydog1 on ebay. His DVDs are well worth a look for any similar research.

1972 (pre-launch)

A pre-launch advert describing the forthcoming Access card, appealing to merchants to accept the new payment method. Supplied by Stew Mills.

£300 million to boost your business. (Advert from June 1972 - Unknown publication: Supplied by Stew Mills)


Some of the first Access credit card adverts.

It's taken us 6000 years. Access takes the waiting out of wanting. (Advert from 1972 - Unknown publication: Supplied by Stew Mills)

Access helps you buy your winter outfit. In time for winter. (Advert from 1972/3 - Unknown publication: Supplied by Stew Mills)

Access Helps You Listen In. In Stereo. (Advert from 1972/3 - Unknown source)

If you've got a few days to spare, Access can turn them into a holiday. (TV Times advert: 03 March 1973)

Access - Play Things Your Way. (Observer Magazine advert: 05 August 1973)

An Access card can be useful on occasions. (TV Times advert: 25 August 1973)


Access lets you shop around. (TV Times advert: 18 May 1974)

Access gives you an account at all sorts of shops. (TV Times advert: 22 June 1974)


Note that the card number on the Access card adverts now starts 5224, rather than 4987. This indicates a switch to a MasterCard (then "Master Charge: The Interbank Card") numbering scheme, long before the MasterCard symbol started to appear on the cards.

What! Use my Access card to spread the cost of winter clothing? (TV Times advert: 11 Sept 1976)

Wise men buy their gifts with Access. (TV Times advert: 11 Dec 1976)


Unlike the preceding years, where it seemed that different adverts were common, the 'cooker' ad below seems to have been repeated throughout much of 1977. It's almost as if they were working on something bigger...much bigger!

I wish we'd bought it a year ago. (TV Times advert: 26 Mar 1977)

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